Münchner Morisken



Dance ensemble of the Technical University (TU) Munich
Department for intramural sports  
Ensemble director Dr. Gertrude Krombholz


In the year 1480, sixteen wooden dancers were carved by the sculptor Erasmus Grasser for the ballroom of the Munich City Hall. Ten of the original figures have been preserved. Each is ca. 70 cm (about 28 in) high and is exhibited in the Munich city museum (Stadtmuseum) today. The Moresca originally was a Moorish dance with many caprioles and peculiar jumps. In the 15th century this kind of dance spread from North Africa across the southwest of Europe and eventually also to Germany. It ranked among the most popular public entertainment of the time.
The Munich Morisken Dancers would like to inform you about this popular dance of the late medieval era and show you how it was given new life by the dancers of the Technical University (TU) Munich. 







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